If you have ever played the Surgeon Simulator then you know what we are talking about. Here you see a crazy doctor, who knows very little about the process of treating patients, but he is always ready to operate them. The Surgeon Simulator VR gives you a bit more, and this update is super cool. First of all, let’s mention that it was edited after Donald Trump became a president, so if you voted against, here you will b pleased to make him suffer a bit.

You can replace his heart, and now only you can decide what traits of character will prevail in president’s heart. Get ready to check out new medicines and tools. Now the best anesthetic is Trump Vodka, and you will never guess what consequences for his health it may cause. You will see new achievements and trophies; could you ever believe that you can get more than one hundred typical prizes? Well, if you think that the president looks too bad, you can improve his appearance with the help of make-up kit. Let you fantasy free, and make Donald glamorous and sexy. Of course, Mr. President deserves for the best, so the graphics is improved, and you can enjoy smooth and delicate picture. New locations and new tools, there are so many things that you may test and enjoy! There are a lot of other cool options, and you will get to know them only in the process of playing. Let you be the host of the evening, and show Mr. President who’s the boss.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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