Surgeon Simulator Trump


Doctor is the world that sounds proudly, and you can’t say that it isn’t true. Those fearless people often risk their lives to save some of us, and they aren’t always rewarded. But not all doctors are good and search for the patient’s best. Some of them are maniacs that think not of health of people, but about their wish for blood. Of course, they don’t work in our hospitals, but who knows what may happen, when a nice helping doctor goes mad. If you want to see how such scenario is realized, you may use online games that grant you such a wonderful opportunity. There is one application, not a recent one, but breathtaking and you can check it right now, without any hesitation or delay. The world of crazy doctors is waiting for you in Surgeon Simulator, and you can start adventures right now!

Here you will deal with various illnesses, but the way of curing is very strange. You won’t find pills that will help to cure any disease, but you will plenty of instruments, that aren’t actually medical. On contrary, you will see hammers, pincers, extractors and other painful equipment that can turn someone’s life into hell. Your character is a nuts doctor that forgot about the principle of medicine, and he starts injuring everyone he sees. He will make his experiments in his laboratory, hospital, eve ambulance. But the more he practices in his surgeries, the more adrenalin he needs. That is why he goes into the open space, where he cures aliens in his special way. He takes out eyes, breaks ribs and other bones, but he believes that he is doing something good to his patients. He is fearless, and he lacks morality as well. If you think that this game is too cruel, you are definitely right, but here you can cause damages to everyone, but in real life be positive and well-behaved. Really, it is much better to take your stress away in game, and do good things in reality. Cure all enemies in a terrible way, and your evil doctor will help you in this difficult, but rewarding mission.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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