Surgeon Simulator PC


If you always dreamed of trying your hand at saving people, this is your chance! Assume the role of a brave surgeon who is hurrying to the rescue. Truth be told, your character is mainly self-taught and his nervous system can’t be called really solid… But nobody is going to save the patient accept him! So you’ll just have to deal with your fears, grab a scalpel and start performing your direct responsibilities. Using the controllers, move the trembling hands of Nigel Burke to pull his friend Bob back from the other side. That isn’t going to be that simple, but with a bit of practice and effort, you will definitely deal with all the challenges! During his surgical adventures, Nigel is going to perform over 20 surgeries at six different locations, including eye transplantation and teeth implantation. There are also over 100 new trophies that you can gather while completing your medical quest. Dr. Burke and his innovative methods of surgery are waiting for you!


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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