Surgeon Simulator 3


What would you do if someone urgently needed your help as a doctor? Of course, very few of us have relevant skills. Most people don’t even know how to deliver CPR let alone perform a surgery if such an opportunity arises! But what if it’s the question of life and death? Then it’s better to try and do something than sit back and watch that person die. Don’t you think? Just in case you ever get in a situation like that, developers have created a comprehensive surgeon simulator where you will be directing the doctor’s actions – literally – by moving his hands with controllers. It’s nothing like simply pushing the buttons on the keyboard and telling the program to take a certain tool or make a cut on the patient’s chest. The amplitude and accuracy of your character’s moves depend solely on you. And you will be the one to blame if something goes wrong! Well, virtual reality has one important perk – if you fail to fulfill the game’s ultimate goal, you can always simply start over again. Keep practicing with a wide range of surgeries, from basic procedures you can get at any hospital to tricky cases that would make even an experienced surgeon’s hair stand on end, and one day you will actually save your patient rather than transport him to the other side!


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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