Surgeon Simulator 2017


Doctors help us, when we need it, though we aren’t always glad to meet them. We are afraid of their tools, because they may hurt us, no matter that they do this for out benefit. When we are children, we often pretend to be doctors, and cure various animals and toys. We were so powerful that could make any miracle, but now we feel helpless, and want to come back in those times, when our imagination was our best friend. We can easily become super cool in virtual reality, where everything is possible and easily plausible. If you want to become a fearless surgeon, you can achieve this goal with the help of a new game that is called Surgeon Simulation 2017.

Here you aren’t limited in the number of painful actions you may execute, because everything should be as severe, as possible. But when you break bones and do other terrible things, you are doing it for the health sake. Remember that you can work outside the hospital, and there may be usual places, like ambulance, or absolutely crazy spots, like open space, where someone needs your help as well. Treating patients is very difficult, so you have to do all you can to cope with a certain mission. And you will be granted plenty of intriguing moments, where you will be able to show your skills.

Life is too short, and you will never know, when you may crash your bones, or do something terrible. If your tooth aches, the doctor will delete it without thinking twice, and you can only pray that he gives you anesthetic. He will pull it with a smile, and he will remind you a maniac, who craves for more blood and victims. If the doctor needs to cure your lungs, he will take away all ribs one by one, and he will hammer a sweet song while doing it, instead of typical instrument he will use everything that is available at the moment, no matter how it will hurt to the patient. If you happen to visit open space, you can make experiments over the poor aliens, and they will beg you to let them flee. This game is a bit cruel, but all you do here is for good’s sake, so don’t forget to remind yourself that your patients will thank you. Of course, if they will manage to stay alive after all your manipulation. Nevertheless, you will never know before you start, so put away all your fears, and begin crashing bones, because you are doing this in the name of your patients.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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