Surgeon Simulator 2


Doctor – is a terrific profession, because they help people, and sometimes they risk their lives during this difficult process. If you want to be a doctor in future, you should study many disciplines, and know the human anatomy. And surgeon has to practice a lot, before he is allowed to operate real people. If you want to test your abilities to treat people, you shouldn’t wait until you get the necessary education. Even if you have no idea about the procedure of organ transplantation and other technical medical things, you can become a great surgeon. You wonder how it works? An indie game Surgeon Simulator 2 new part invites you to take a couple of lessons in the operating theatre, and even more than that.

Your doctor Nigel is poorly educated, otherwise he wouldn’t have used hammer in his cabinet. He doesn’t know too much about the human organs, but he is ready to learn everything from practice. He will use every instrument that he may reach, and they aren’t always suitable in this particular situation, but Nigel never gives up. He can operate everywhere: in hospital, while heading to a medical clinic in a moving vehicle, and even in space. By the way, in space he has got more options, and there you may experiment not only on people, but on aliens as well. You need to know everything about their organs, but they aren’t eager to sacrifice their health and life to medicine, so they may kill you. There are a lot of options for you to die in this game, and your patients may kick the bucket as well, but you should be upset. Take a scalpel and smile: tonight you decide who lives, and who should die.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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