You can hardly find a person, who has never been in a hospital. We trust our lives to doctors, and they treat us with the help of various medicines and prescriptions. We believe that they will help us, but not every doctor is ready to cure us. Some of them prefer bloody experiments that may lead to the patient’s death. Well, this is horrible, but all that we can do is just enjoy watching those actions of deadly curing in a fantasy game Surgeon Simulator.

Here you will see a doctor that is insane. He believes that he will cure any patient, though he uses very strange methods. His instruments aren’t medical, and more familiar to a plumber than to a person, who works in hospitals. You will make surgeries in a special cabinet, but it is not obligatory. You can do this in an ambulance, in the street and everywhere, where you can find a victim. You can even explore the open space, and meet there aliens. You can test them and find out about their organs, and how they differ from human.

You may use hammers and vice, scalpel and scissors to extract organs and break bones. Remember: the more pain you cause – the more interesting the game is. You break the ribcage with a smile, but beware: not all your patients will die without a word; some of them may kill you as well. If you aren’t ready to die, don’t start the game at all, because severe aliens will find the way to take control over you. If you need to get rid of stress and kill a couple of enemies – you can do it in Surgeon Simulator: easily and with a smile.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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