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Doctors are great, they save numerous lives every day, no matter what country they live in, and what instruments and medicines that have got. In most cases we have no ideas about feeling of the person, who prescribes us various treatments and believe that they will work. But what would you do, if you learn that your doctor isn’t that perfect, and he wants to kill you? Well, let’s start with the fact that Surgeon Simulator invites you to the operating theater, where you will be standing in the doctor’s shoes, and believe us; this is not as easy, as it seems.

Your character is a very brave man that isn’t afraid to make people suffer. Of course, he is doing this for his patients’ sake, but his methods are cruel in a way. What would you say if your doctor took a hammer to fix your ribs? You would run away as quick, as possible, but all this is in vane, when you are under the anesthesia. All you can do – is suffer from his hands, or take everything your control, and start treating patients on your own. You will be practicing mostly in the hospital, but sometimes, when every second counts, you will use your scalpel even in moving ambulance. Being a doctor is a very difficult job, but you can handle anything.

You can leave the boring practice, and start conquering open space. Well, there are plenty of patients that are waiting for you there, and they are not only humans. Yes, aliens need your help as well, and you can write your own research paper, where you will tell everyone about the peculiarities of their organs. But you should be very careful: this job is very dangerous, especially if you are dealing with aliens that don’t want to sacrifice their lives to your experiments. Well, your patients wouldn’t be pleased, if they knew they would die beforehand, but it’s the sense of the game – be operated and die after this surgery.


  • Cut, move
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