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We need doctors every day, because we fall ill, and they help us to recover. They prescribe us medicines and injections, and cure us with the help of other useful things. We would have died because of various viruses and diseases, if they hadn’t discovered cures that help us. Doctors swore to save our lives, but sometimes they forget about their solemn wows, and start hurting people. Of course, those doctors lose their jobs, because no one wants to carry the charge of their guilt. Those crazy doctors don’t quit their profession, because they are used to slicing their patients. So, what can they do instead in Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality? Only start killing professionally and you can observe how they do this in a new game Surgeon Simulation.

Here you have a possibility to stand in doctor’s shoes. He believes that he has the right to choose, who should live, and who can die. He has got a deceptive appearance, and a lot of people trust him and his skills. They let him cure them, but they don’t even imagine what terrible things are going on in his hospital. When he can’t practice in his laboratory, he uses ambulance, because it is a nice way-out for crazy doctors, who are dismembering his patients. Yes, this game is very cruel, and you will see how your patients are dying. In the process of strange curing you will do many funny things. You can take out teeth, break ribcage, and dismember your patient in any way. Well, your character believes that he is doing everything for the good, but he uses wrong methods. His tools are unusual as well. Maybe, someone can use them, for instance a hammer, but it has nothing to do in medicine.

You will face plenty of different missions, and some of them will be really undertaking. You will meet not only people, but various aliens as well. You know very little about them, but here comes the greatest challenge – to make an autopsy and get to know what they are made from. You can choose any tool for this, but be ready for unexpected discoveries, because people and inhabitants of other planets differ in many features. You will never know about them, until you start to make your discoveries step by step. Your crazy doctor allows you to become a nasty beast in virtual world, and stay sweet and nice in everyday life. Take up a new challenge, and prove everyone that you can be fearless and insidious, and all your friends will envy you and your abilities to treat your patients with violence and laughter.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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