Surgery is a very serious process, and you can’t imagine a doctor that is telling jokes while many-hour operation. And if you dream to become a surgeon, you need to learn a lot of facts about organs and their diseases. If you have even slightest blank space in exact sciences, you may forget about any problems in becoming a professional doctor. Here you can train a lot, and not be upset, when a patient suddenly dies because of your manipulations. The more you train – the more experience you get. Of course, if you start operating everyone around you, you will be arrested, but you can do anything, if you ply an online game. Surgeon Simulator opens borders for you, and you can become a fearless doctor that cures his patients in a very strange way.

Nigel knows very little about operations, and you can give him a couple of lessons, even if you know about the matter very little. But he knows that if he does everything with a smile, these things will be more pleasant. If you will be eager to apply the notions in real life, then your patient will definitely die, because you can’t fix broken ribs with the help of a hammer. Nigel doesn’t stop on curing usual people in hospital or even in ambulance; he goes into space, because there is someone, who needs his help. He finds aliens that suffer from his scalpel, and he learns about their organs in an extremely practical way. So, this doctor isn’t one of those, whom you are used to, and he will entertain you with the numerous operations that his unskilled hand will perform.


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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