Our world is incredible and unexpected, and sometimes our wish for adventures may play tricks with us. We may become sick, and then our life is paralyzed, and we are waiting for someone to improve our state. Here comes the doctor, and he helps us to feel better. But not every doctor can cure us; sometimes we are attacked by ‘black doctors’ that has another goal – not saving our life, but killing us without thinking twice. In this game you will get acquainted with a fierce doctor, whose desire is to dismember his patients. This sounds awful, but you have to be ready to face various inconveniences. The most obvious one is that we aren’t eager to give our lives in the name of medicine, no matter how great it sounds to the doctor.

You will be practicing mostly in your laboratory, though you may work in ambulance, or even in open space. You will be dealing with numerous aliens, and you can learn what they are made of as well. Your tools aren’t typical for a common doctor; on contrary, those instruments may use a plumber or a carpenter. Could you imagine that you will take off ribs with the help of hummer? Your character is capable of this, and he does it with a smile, hammering a little song during this bloody and unpleasant process. You shouldn’t be scared, because death is a clear result of your patient’s life. We all die anyway, but here your prey may serve a good mission. Of course, the doctor believes in this, not the people around him, but you can make everyone think the way you need it. Or at least kill everyone, who doesn’t share his ideas. Be violent, don’t let anyone escape your surgery tools, because your doctor believe that he can find a perfect cure, but if only he kills a satisfactory amount of people and aliens. But be careful: your character may be in operation over ears and forget about everything. Here he may be surrounded by enemies, and be killed as well. Or he may face a terrorist in his laboratory, and this terrifying person may vanquish your hero. Anyway, the death is everywhere, so don’t miss a single chance to kill!


  • Cut, move
  • Click on

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